Lower shipping costs

Hair Direct’s new office in Almere opened in December 2012 and provides the company’s expanding European customer base easier access to its full line of hair replacement and accessory products. Due to this strategic location in the Amsterdam Area, both its customers and the company benefit from the much lower shipping and transport costs.

In a recent press statement Hair Direct emphasises that its new centre enables EU customers to receive its specialised products without any customs or duty fees, and also to choose their own currency for purchases. “We are excited to have a physical presence in Europe,” stated Bill Biesecker, Hair Direct’s CEO. “After a long development process, it’s great to finally see the next phase of our growth become a reality.”

Strategic location

The choice of Hair Direct to expand further into Europe via Almere will almost certainly prove to be a very profitable one. The Amsterdam Area is located in the best-equipped logistics triangle of mainland Europe, and can therefore be considered the ideal logistics gateway to Europe. Many globally active logistics service providers offer transportation, bonded warehousing, fiscal representation and value added logistics services at competitive rates. This is largely due to the region’s unique location and the large volumes of intercontinental freight that pass through the country. For example, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, is the third-largest cargo airport in Europe. This makes the area a perfect platform for businesses to serve their European customers.

Almere’s charm

Located in the Amsterdam Area, Almere has a lot to offer international companies. The city is very well connected to other important economic hotspots and it is just 25 minutes away from Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Lelystad Airport is a regional airport to the north of Almere with much potential for further expansion as a secondary airport after Schiphol. The liberalisation of its planning options is providing opportunities for increased airport-related activities.

Almere is also well connected in other ways. The city is benefiting from a fibre optic communications project that’s unique in Europe. Since 2010, all businesses and households have access to high-speed broadband. More and more ICT companies, data centres and other business service providers are also choosing Almere as their business location.