The donation is intended to stimulate and support talent development in the fields of technology and science amongst primary school students. A key part of this goal is to inspire increased enthusiasm for maths and programming amongst children.

Innovations in Amsterdam education

In collaboration with Platform Bèta, Science Center NEMO will implement a programme for primary school students from 2015 to 2019, focussing on key 21st-century skills such as ICT literacy, creativity and problem solving. This programme will be available to all interested children, as well as ensuring access to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Skills for the future

The primary school children will be introduced to programming skills during dedicated after-school clubs and workshops. During these, the children will learn how to program and manipulate 3D objects. Alongside this, NEMO will present a new mathematics-inspired exhibition titled ‘Wereld van Vormen’ (‘World of Shapes’) with Google as the lead partner. Within the exhibition, the children can learn about the daily applications of maths and how mathematical techniques can be used to unravel the world around them.

Ensuring talent for the future

Because the need for technicians is a major economic requirement, it is important that children are introduced to technology and technological concepts at an early age. Presently, some two out of 10 students choose to pursue a technical-related degree or training programme after secondary school, while the demand from the labour market requires closer to four out of 10. It is expected that this collaboration between Google, Science Center NEMO and Platform Bèta will strengthen Amsterdam’s talent prospects for the future.