Globalization Index

The Globalization Index is part of Ernst & Young’s annual globalisation report: ‘Looking beyond the obvious: globalization and new opportunities for growth’. The index measures the world’s 60 largest economies according to their degree of globalisation, relative to their GDP. It is based on a comprehensive understanding of the underlying drivers for globalisation across five main pillars: openness to trade, capital flows, exchange of technology and ideas, labour movements and cultural integration.

Open economy

The Netherlands was ranked sixth on the list, ahead of many other European nations, such as the United Kingdom (10th), Germany (11th) and France (14th). This is in great part due to the openness of the Dutch economy. The Netherlands is noted for its highly open economy and has one of the strongest orientations towards international trade. This is further illustrated by the fact that the Netherlands has topped the DHL Global Connectedness Index, which is a detailed country-by-country analysis of the various flows that connect nations around the world. That study ranked 125 countries according to the breadth and depth of their integration into the world economy, while also examining the relationship between global connectedness and welfare.

Amsterdam Area

Within the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is an optimal base from which organisations can enter or expand to the EMEA region. Some of the key reasons why the Amsterdam Area is a very attractive location for international firms is its proximity to potential clients and professional service providers. The Amsterdam Area hosts many global players in the fields of professional services, covering legal affairs, media, ICT, pensions and tax consultancy. Another big plus is the well-developed supply chain industry. These factors help to ensure businesses in the area are served efficiently.

Amsterdam’s talent pool

The Amsterdam Area is also home to a very attractive talent pool offering a productive regional workforce drawing from 180 different nationalities. Amsterdam also has the country’s highest density of knowledge workers and an increasing influx of workers from other EU countries – all facilitated by the Expatcenter. According to the World Talent Index, the Netherlands ranks fourth in the world for attracting and developing talent, surpassing every other country on the European continent.