A’DAM Tower

The new office will be located in the A’DAM tower, an eye-catching office complex located opposite Central Station – across the river IJ – that is scheduled to open in 2016. The location means that Gibson Innovations will be rubbing shoulders with other creative companies in the music industry: industry titans such as Massive Music and ID&T are set to establish offices in A’DAM too, and they will be joined by a medley of promising start-ups from the dance and music industry.

Creatives that set the tone

The proximity of other companies that set the tone in the music industry was an important factor in deciding where to set up Gibson Innovations’ marketing office, says CEO Wiebo Vaartjes in Dutch newspaper Het Parool. He adds that Amsterdam’s international mindset also played a role. The city acts as a magnet for open-minded, creative talent from all over the world. Today, it is one of the world’s most multicultural cities – which allows marketing and advertising companies to develop campaigns here that succeed all over the world.   

Gibson Innovations

But there is another connection to the Netherlands: Before its acquisition by the US guitar giant, Gibson Innovations was the audio, video, multimedia and accessories branch of Philips. In 2014, Philips sold the business to Gibson Brands.