Eight meetups

On 22 April 2015, eight innovative Amsterdam-based corporate companies hosted Launchpad Meetups, dedicated to connecting startups to the corporate world. It was the first time ever that an event of this kind was organised in Amsterdam and it has laid the foundation for a platform that stimulates collaboration.

At the event, three selected startups pitched to a board member of the participating companies. This opened the conversation on shared future challenges. Participating companies in this first edition were:

  • Philips
  • KLM
  • TomTom
  • VimpelCom
  • Port of Amsterdam
  • Ey
  • USG Professionals
  • City of Amsterdam

Bridging the gap

The Launchpad Meetups are designed to bridge the gap between Amsterdam’s most powerful corporates and some of the most disruptive, innovative startups, while taking advantage of the city’s technology scene as a natural testbed for innovation.The participating corporate partners are committed to strengthen the Amsterdam startup ecosystem and are open to acting as launching customer, lead user or early adopter. They will actively make their network available in support of startups and will designate a startup point of contact.

For you

If you’re a startup looking for a corporate company as a potential (launching) customer or testbed, or you’re convinced that you have some great insight to share on how larger companies can innovate, the Launchpad Meetups are for you.