Amsterdam’s attractive labour pool

Expedia announced the news in a press statement. To facilitate the expansion, Expedia Group has leased a new office in a canal-side property in the historic city centre of Amsterdam. When Expedia first set up their business in Amsterdam, the company experienced first hand that the area acts as a magnet to talented people from across the globe. In turn, this will create approximately 120 new full time jobs in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

“The impressive calibre of talent found in the area’s workforce made Amsterdam a prime location when deciding where to expand our organisation’s footprint,” said Frank Zijlstra, Expedia Group’s vice president of global financial operations. “We hope to grow our operations here over the months and years to come, so we are very much looking forward to strengthening our ties with the city of Amsterdam.”  

Amsterdam inbusiness and the NFIA

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has been a hub for international businesses for decades. Amsterdam inbusiness and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) worked closely together to assist the Expedia Group with their expansion.

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