A top performer in logistics

By ranking the 28 EU member states according to 11 transport-related categories, the EU Transport Scoreboard provides an overview of the diversity of member state performance in all things transport. The aim is to help member states in clarifying which areas need improvement and subsequently identify priorities for investment and new or improved policies.

The Netherlands outperforms all EU-countries in the quality of its port and air transport infrastructure, reaffirming its reputation as a gateway to Europe for non-European countries. In addition, the Netherlands and Denmark are the only countries with a consistently high performance: they are not found among the bottom performers in any category.

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: great infrastructure

The results from the EU Transport Scoreboard are in line with earlier research by the World Bank. According to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, the Netherlands rank second worldwide, scoring high on the quality of trade and transport-related infrastructure such as ports, roads and ICT. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area links the two important ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and is therefore located in a golden logistics triangle.