Important strategic move

According to a press release, the addition of a fourth aircraft will bring the total number of EasyJet employees at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to 160. EasyJet’s CEO Carolyn McCall commented: “Opening a base at Schiphol is an important strategic move for EasyJet. EasyJet is already the second largest airline at Amsterdam – one of Europe’s leading airports serving a large and growing aviation market with strong passenger demand both to and from the Dutch capital.”

Schiphol was EasyJet’s first destination outside the UK back in 1996, and the airport’s central location – which results in a mere two hours’ flying time to all crucial business destinations within Europe – means it continues to be a strategic choice for the airline. And EasyJet is not alone in taking advantage of the airport’s location: Schiphol now serves more than 300 destinations around the world via almost 100 airlines. “Around one third of passengers on our Amsterdam flights are travelling on business,” concluded McCall, “and we are sure our improved European network will make travel easier and more affordable.”

Continuous growth

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s central location is one of the reasons for its success: most crucial business destinations within Europe are just two hours away. Presently, Amsterdam Airports Schiphol is the fourth busiest airport in Europe, and the number of passengers travelling through the award-winning airport increases every year.