A clear picture of growth

Ever since winning a startup award from the Dutch investment firm Personal Health Solutions in 2012, Amsterdam’s digital health startup SkinVision has been expanding its app’s features. It recently announced a successful new funding round of €3 million, bringing the total amount raised so far to between €5 and €6 million.

An early version of the app was developed at a Romanian university in 2011. Some researchers continue to work on the technical side of things from Romania, though the enterprise arm of the company has since relocated to Amsterdam.

The app lets users take a picture of a mole on their skin, and then uses its smart algorithms to analyse the picture. This analysis can then be sent to your doctor via email, and the app’s GPS locator can even find nearby specialists. Its latest feature warns you about ultraviolet exposure in your immediate vicinity.

According to Business Insider, more than 100,000 people have downloaded the app since its launch in 2012. Their information will be used to improve the app even further.

Amsterdam a key player in medical research

The success of SkinVision further cements Amsterdam’s role as a hotspot for life sciences and health research. The city is home two universities with academic hospitals, as well as many specialised research institutes. Two perfect examples of the synergy that this creates are Amsterdam Science Park and the Medical Business Park, which house cutting-edge workspaces and leading medical experts. Both organizations are located right next to major transportation links.