The importance of communication

Education First is an education organisation teaching English as a second language. In the latest edition of its EPI, Education First tested 1.7 billion people from 54 countries. In regards to the standard of English language usage, the Netherlands now ranks third.

The fact that the Netherlands has a very open, export driven economy partly explains the results. According to Education First, English has become the default language of communication in international business. The report also shows a positive correlation between exports and English, demonstrating that strongly export-driven economies all speak English. The EPI also suggests that good English proficiency is linked to the economic prosperity of a country.

When looking at the overall pattern of results, those working in the sectors of Travel & Tourism, Consulting, Telecommunications, Engineering and Technology typically had the highest standards of English usage. It also noted that English helps to spread innovation and that international communication among scientists and engineers is central to collaborative research and the sharing of technology between countries.

The Amsterdam Area’s attractive talent pool

As a global business hub, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area acts as a magnet to highly educated employees. Amsterdam is home to a productive regional workforce drawing from 180 different nationalities, while a large share of the workforce (44%) has gone onto higher education. Eighty percent of the workforce speaks English, making Amsterdam the largest anglophone city in continental Europe.