Less waste, more green investments

The report by Statistics Netherlands analyses the state of green economic growth based on 33 indicators. Over the course of 2012, the Netherlands improved on 18 of those factors. It noted that emissions of greenhouse gases into the air, heavy metals into water and the total volume of generated waste have all decreased since 2000. This is partly in correlation with the changes in the economic climate in the Netherlands. The report also notes that employment in companies making 'green products' and providing ‘green services' has risen over the past 13 years. Investment in the environment has also increased, as have the number of patent applications by ‘green companies'.

Leading the electric car revolution in Europe

Within the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has set a leading example over how to build a greener future by encouraging the adoption of electric transportation. Car manufacturers from around the world (including Tesla and Nissan) have come to the region to test and showcase their newest electric transport technology and the city has successfully invested in the installation of charging points around the city. There is also a fleet of electric taxis operating in and around the city.