Nurturing talent

The Dutch ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has published the plans on its website (in Dutch). This plan is aimed at making the labour force in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area even more attractive to prospective employers. The government will pay seven million Euros of the amount, the rest comes from businesses, schools and trade unions in the Amsterdam Area. The aim of the scheme is to develop talent in the area, to prevent unemployment and help people move from one job to another. Vocational graduates and freelancers can be trained in areas such as IT, where the demand for skilled personnel is high. Especially for some young people without much practical experience it can be challenging to find a job – to make this process easier, a part of the scheme involves short internships for young people to gain work experience.

Hotbed for start-ups 

The national plan is one of many public and private initiatives to ensure the attractiveness of the labour pool in the Amsterdam Area. Recently, Amsterdam’s Alderperson for Economic Affairs Kajsa Ollongren announced ambitious plans to dramatically boost the opportunities for rapidly-growing start-up companies and to invest heavily in international talent. Young people and freelancers will be given more opportunities to learn skills such as coding and programming to make Amsterdam even more competitive as a hotbed for tech companies and start-ups.

World-class labour market

The recent initiatives illustrate the strength of the Netherlands in offering opportunities to new talent. According to the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2014, compiled by INSEAD, the Netherlands ranks among the world’s most ‘talent-ready’ countries. According to the report, this is due to a strong combination of formal education, lifelong learning and access to growth opportunities.

More information about this plan can also be found on the Amsterdam Economic Board site (Dutch only).