Exciting opportunity for European expansion

The new base in Amsterdam will allow Data Sales to increase their footprint in Europe and especially reach new customers throughout the Netherlands. Paul Breckner, Data Sales President & CEO commented in a press statement: “Our customers are growing and diversifying internationally and we needed to help support their growth. This is an exciting opportunity for all.”    

With the opening of their new office in Amsterdam, Data Sales follows in the footsteps of many other successful IT firms, such as Google, Facebook, Trion Worlds, Netflix, Akamai, Jive Software, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Cisco, Blackboard, Criteo and AppNexus. Learn more about international ICT companies active in the region.

Amsterdam: ICT capital of Europe

International IT companies have been migrating to the Amsterdam Area for many good reasons. Due to its outstanding digital connections, Amsterdam is rapidly becoming the software and IT capital of Europe. Here, you find the largest data transport hub in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), whose fibre optic connections transport data in real time to an increasing number of large and small networks, portals and web farms. It is therefore no surprise that the Netherlands is the second most densely cabled country in the world. Additionally, some 33% of European data centres are located in the Amsterdam Area and yet more are entering this market every year.