The Netherlands: Europe's cost leader

The costs of doing business here are significantly lower than in the United States and lower than any other European country that was included in the study. Mexico is the lowest cost country and is also the only emerging country that was taken into account in this edition. The Netherlands and the United Kingdom are regarded as low cost leaders. According to the study, the costs of doing business in the Netherlands are 5.5% lower than in the United States, making it the “cheapest” European country. Germany is the most expensive country to do business with costs that are 0.9% higher than in the United States.

Comparing business costs

The biennial study compares the costs of doing business in more than 100 cities in 10 countries around the world, reflecting each nation's major metropolitan regions. This year the study expanded its coverage in the United States, including every metropolitan area with a population of two million or more. The study measures the combined impact of 26 key cost components including the location costs for labour, operating space, transport, energy and taxes. The Netherlands emerged from the study with the lowest average location costs in Western Europe.

The entire report can be read on the website of KPMG.