The new institute houses a variety of companies that are active in the field of applied games, including education, training and health therapies.

Amsterdam’s blossoming gaming industry

The opening of the Center for Applies Games (in Dutch) is a further boost for the already blossoming gaming industry in the Amsterdam Area. Within this new institute, applied gaming companies can find financing, development and distribution partners. It is expected that it will positively contribute to the economic development of the gaming sector, acting as a hub for innovation, R&D and aiding international expansion.

Gaming hotspot

Some of the world’s best-known gaming studios are based in the Netherlands and the government not only recognises this but is actively stimulating the industry by supporting initiatives such as the Center for Applied Games. As well as the availability of creative talents and forward-thinking investors, the fact that the Amsterdam Area possesses a state of the art digital infrastructure also plays a major role in attracting new companies. Amsterdam is home to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), the world’s largest internet hub in terms of both traffic and members. The region also has an excellent broadband penetration ranking compared to other European countries. This outstanding infrastructure is essential to gaming and multimedia companies.

More than 50 gaming companies are based in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, such as Guerrilla Games, Vanguard Games, Little Chicken Game Company and Spel-Maker. The majority of these companies produce several types of games, targeting multiple platforms.