Amsterdam-grown technology

Textkernel was launched in Amsterdam in 2001, as a commercial spin-off based on research that took place at universities in Amsterdam and beyond. The company, headquartered in Amsterdam, has about 60 employees, as well as a pool of 25 PhD and masters students available for research and development. Textkernel’s technology can extract and interpret key information from CVs and job descriptions. It automatically suggests the most relevant profiles in a client’s CV database, and can also convert social media profiles into searchable database records. 

Helping to close the communications gap

“Textkernel is closing the communications divide between recruiters and candidates by helping them speak the same language,” said CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson. “We can facilitate faster, easier, and more successful connections between employers and job seekers.”

According to Textkernel founder and CEO Jakub Zavrel, the deal with CareerBuilder means that Textkernel can “quickly scale up our business and bring that knowledge to companies around the world, while remaining an independent brand and company within the group.”

This move will assist CareerBuilder’s goal of moving from a job board to more of a software provider. 

CareerBuilder is one of the most recognizable brands in online recruitment. Its portal is among the largest job sites in the US, with 24 million visitors a month. It also provides software to companies in the field of human resources.