Exciting new pool of talent

The news was reported on Twitter and the British website Prolific North. In an interview, CEO Jon Stutfield says about the move to Amsterdam: “Moving to the Netherlands opens up an exciting new pool of creative talent and opportunities – vital if we are to continue to develop exciting digital products for ourselves and our customers.”

Amsterdam “quicker and cheaper than London”

Elaborating on the advantages of setting up an office in Amsterdam, Stutfield adds: “Amsterdam made sense as not just the capital but as a global business hub with easy connections into the wider continent and great transport connections to Manchester. It’s quicker and cheaper than travelling to London, office space is much better value and the digital landscape in Amsterdam is far less saturated.”

Excellent physical infrastructure

Stutfield rightly remarks on the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area being well connected. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers flights to all crucial business destinations within Europe with a maximum of two hours’ flight time; the award-winning airport serves 265 destinations around the world with more than 90 airlines.

Creative capital

Moreover, the Amsterdam Area is home to plenty of creative talent. The Dutch have been exploring other cultures and trading with them for centuries, turning Amsterdam into a magnet for open-minded, creative people from all over the globe. Today, Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with inhabitants of over 178 different nationalities, and English is widely spoken (including in many companies), enabling non-Dutch speakers to comfortably live and work here.

Cosmopolitan village

This lends the city a cosmopolitan vibe, while its compact size allows the city to retain its village-like charm: all relevant contacts are just a stone’s throw away. This makes the processes of creation and production fast and flexible. The cycling culture – the 811,000 people living in Amsterdam own an estimated 881,000 bicycles – is highly appreciated among creative professionals and undoubtedly contributes to the high quality of life.

Flourishing creative sector

All these factors contribute to a high quality of life. Amsterdam ranks 11th in a ranking of most attractive cities to live in worldwide, according to the Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2014. Catalysed by a huge pool of creative talent, proximity to (potential) clients and the cosmopolitan atmosphere, Amsterdam’s creative sector is flourishing and it continuously attracts new, up-and-coming creative agencies such as BLISS.