Amsterdam an important hub for reaching more clients

The Brussels-based company Xpenditure offers a pioneering cloud-based tool for expense management, aimed at anybody who has to track expenses. It promises to do away with the need to manually file monthly expense reports.

The young company already has offices in the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Germany. In the UK alone, more than a thousand companies are using Xpenditure. The company also wants to grow in Europe, which is why it opened a sales office in Amsterdam on 1 December.

“Until now, we could easily reach our Dutch clients from Belgium,” co-founder Wim Derkinderen told the Dutch tech site Emerce (Dutch link). “But our market share in the Netherlands is growing so fast that we needed to open a sales office in Amsterdam. We are now based at B.Amsterdam, the new startup hub, where we can service our Dutch clients even better.”

Xpenditure was founded by Wim Derkinderen and Boris Bogaert. Bogaert had previously been involved in the establishment of Netlog, a social network that had more than 100 million members at its peak. 

Tedious expense reports to become a thing of the past

Xpenditure focuses on automating the entire expense management process. It uses a mobile app to scan paper or electronic receipts and submit them to the startup’s cloud-based expense management software. All of the relevant data, such as the merchant info and even the currency used, will be read automatically. This will transform the process from an administrative hassle into a clear digital stream, eliminating the need to gather and file receipts. Xpenditure can also be integrated with all major accounting packages, such as Exact Online and SAP.