Shortening delivery times to international customers

Conveniently located in close proximity to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, this new distribution centre enables Avure to send in-stock spare parts to customers throughout the European Union and Asia within 24 hours. Avure announced the news in a press statement, explaining that the new Amsterdam base replaces an existing facility in Sweden, where the company’s manufacturing and services division is located. Avure specialises in the production of ultra-high pressure systems that enhance material properties, form sheet metal and pasteurise perishable foods without heat or chemicals. The new Amsterdam distribution centre should result in significantly shorter delivery times for Avure. Dave Fuller, the company’s Director of Field Services and Aftermarket, states in the press statement: “Shortening the delivery time on spares is key… Our on-time-ship goal is a world-class 94% for 2014.” 

Logistics gateway

The Netherlands, and the Amsterdam Area in particular, remains an outstanding choice for European distribution from a cost and quality perspective. According to a benchmark study by the Holland International Distribution Council et al, the main advantages of the Amsterdam Area as a distribution hub include:

  • Costs: the Netherlands scores among the most affordable in terms of total supply-chain costs. This is largely due to the country’s unique location and the large volume of intercontinental freight that passes through it. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, for example, is the third largest cargo airport in Europe.
  • Labour market: the Amsterdam Area is ahead of other European cities in terms of flexibility of labour. This is often crucial for up-scaling or downscaling logistics operations. Additionally, the Dutch tax and customs authorities are among the most efficiently business-oriented in the world.
  • Environmentally friendly: due to growing opportunities for the use of environmentally friendly modes of transport, the Amsterdam Area proves the undisputed choice for a greener supply chain. This is further strengthened by the region’s location within the European consumer market.