A growing market for Asian brands 

According to an article by the Dutch real estate site Vastgoedmarkt, more and more Asian brands are looking to open their initial location in Amsterdam. Krijn Taconis, executive director at CBRE BV, said that the arrival of these new Asian players is related in part to the growing Asian expatriate community in Amsterdam.

He spoke with Vastgoedmarkt at the most recent edition of Mapic, a real estate trade fair hald in Cannes. Taconis explained how “more and more Asian headquarters are opening in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, and the number of Asian tourists in Amsterdam is also growing very fast.”

Ambassadors for Amsterdam

“The Dutch retail investment market is now very much in demand among foreign investors,” Taconis said. He added that it is still too early to name the Asian brands that are planning to set up shop here, but one major contender is the popular Japanese brand Uniqlo. The Japanese footwear brand Asics already has a flagship store in Amsterdam. 

“Amsterdam now stands at number seven on the list of the top-ten most popular destinations,” Taconis said. “These expats and tourists are the ambassadors for Amsterdam: their positive stories attract Asian retailers to Amsterdam.”

A strong Asian base in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to thousands of expats from China, Japan, South Korea, and many other Asian nations. Amsterdam offers a wide range of facilities (PDF) to these residents, including a Chinese medical centre, a Japanese dentist, Korean churches, and many international schools, just to name a few.

Many Asian businesses in Amsterdam are located near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. More than 1,200 international companies are already present in the Amsterdam Airport Area, of which more than 300 are Asian (PDF). Other prominent Asian companies with offices or distribution centres in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area include Canon, Huawei, Mitsubishi, LG Electronics, Yamaha, Casio, and Lenovo.