International investment in Amsterdam

The results of the sixth edition of the Best to Invest rankings were published on the website of Site Selection. It notes that China was the destination of most foreign direct investment projects in the world. Site Selection also looks at different regions and when only taking Western Europe into account, the Netherlands ranks third on the list of best countries to invest in. This illustrates the attractiveness of the Netherlands as a location for foreign investment. On average, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area attracts between 100 and 120 new international companies each year and is a popular base for companies expanding into the European market and beyond.

Best value for money

The results on the Best to Invest rankings are consistent with many other studies. For example, according to KPMG's Competitive Alternatives 2014study the Netherlands is the country where foreign investors get the most value for their money in Europe. The costs of doing business here are significantly lower than in the United States and lower than any other European country that was included in the study.