Catalysing breakthrough solutions

In January 2015, THNK is set to launch its second location outside the Netherlands in Vancouver. THNK supports businesses and researchers by expanding their ventures in the field of urban technology. According to the school’s website, its mission is to break with the limitations of traditional education and accelerate the development of future generations of creative leaders. The article praises this disruptive approach as well as the way in which THNK enables participants to get hands-on experience. A key component of THNK’s methodology, Forbes says, is to work on real-life innovation challenges with a wide range of innovation partners such as the City of Amsterdam, Shell, Philips and the LEGO Foundation.

Success in innovation

Several innovative concepts developed by THNK Alumni are described. One of them is the Food Karma concept, which provides health-conscious consumers with purchasing options that match their preferences and of which Cisco and Tesco will develop a pilot with former THNK participant Andreas Sautter.

Where creative leaders of the future meet

When visiting Amsterdam, it’s not hard to understand why this city has a long-lasting love affair with creative minds. The Dutch have used Amsterdam as their base from where to explore other cultures and trade with them for centuries. The open and creative atmosphere of Amsterdam has also always advanced the worlds of science and education, leading to the founding of the first Amsterdam-based university in 1632. Since then, continuous learning and talent development has remained in the city’s DNA, as demonstrated by successful institutions such as THNK.