Game fame made in Amsterdam

The Dutch newspaper NRC Next writes (in Dutch) that Killzone is the biggest Dutch media production ever made and has millions of fans [paywall link in Dutch]. The science-fiction-inspired game is set in an era of space colonisation. Its first edition was released in November 2004; since then, five more editions, a toy line, a novelisation and a manga have been developed, making Killzone the most successful game developed by Guerrilla Games.

Great celebrations and grand plans

As part of the celebrations, Guerrilla Games streamed a selection of Killzone games – Liberation, Killzone 3, Mercenary and Shadow Fall – live on the official Sony Twitch channel. Furthermore, the company announced that there are several content releases for Shadow Fall in the pipeline, as well as live play-throughs, interviews, tournaments and more. A complete overview of all festivities and extras can be found here.

Amsterdam: home to international talent in gaming

Guerrilla Games’ success reflects the influence of Dutch gaming companies within the industry. Dutch companies have a significant market share in the online casual entertainment market. Thanks to an abundance of top-quality knowledge institutions and an even bigger supply of creative minds, there is a constant undercurrent of fresh ideas, concepts and initiatives that begs for knowledge to be shared and boundaries to be crossed.

Cosmopolitan Amsterdam

These creative impulses also contribute to another quality that characterises Amsterdam and its occupants: an international orientation. Outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Amsterdam is considered one of the few European cities where you can work fully in English. The ability to speak several languages and understand different cultures is essential for the process of localisation of games. It is therefore no surprise that Guerrilla employs over 200 developers from 25 different nationalities.