Creative capital

According to the magazine – the leading source of news and analysis for the global marketing and media industry – Amsterdam boasts a relaxed and liberal vibe attracting creative talent from all over the world.
For the article entitled ‘City Spotlight: Tiny Amsterdam Boasts Big Relaxed, Liberal Vibe’, Advertising Age interviewed numerous senior professionals from renowned advertising agencies such as Wieden & Kennedy and 180, who are in a position to compare Amsterdam to New York City, London or São Paulo. They all praise the relaxed atmosphere and cosmopolitan vibe in Amsterdam. Mark Bernath, executive creative director at Wieden &  Kennedy, explains: “In New York, there is more madness on the street, but here you can live a more mellow existence and put the madness into your work."

Quality of life

One of Amsterdam’s most important assets is the unrivalled quality of life it offers to its inhabitants. The historic city centre with its UNESCO-listed canal ring is a daily source of inspiration for many creative professionals. Many of the leading agencies’ offices are located on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals. The city’s bike culture – Amsterdam’s 811,000 residents own an estimated 800,000 bicycles – is also highly appreciated among the creative professionals interviewed for the report; as Eric Quennoy, executive creative director at Wieden & Kennedy, puts it: "The fact that you are on a bike can't be underestimated.” 

Proximity to important clients

Proximity to important clients is also perceived as a big plus for Amsterdam-based advertising agencies. Giants such as Heineken,, Philips and KLM are headquartered here and many other important clients are within easy reach. 

Pool of international talent

Amsterdam acts as a magnet for open-minded, creative talent from all over the world. Today, it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with inhabitants of more than 178 different nationalities. To further develop local talent, nine leading Dutch agencies and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) are developing a new international master in digital design. Creative masterminds that are regularly behind award-winning digital campaigns for clients from all over the world share their knowledge with the most promising students.