Long-lasting friendship and excellent commercial relations

The purpose of the trip is to strengthen existing economic relations, to promote international cooperation and to attract new business. Both Mayor van der Laan and Vice Mayor Gehrels of Amsterdam will visit several important cities on the East and West Coast of the US. The United States and the Netherlands have enjoyed a close friendship and excellent commercial relations for centuries. Today, the bonds between Amsterdam and major cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco and Baltimore are still exceptionally strong. Not only do we share common roots, we also share a prosperous present and a bright future together – both culturally and in business. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Netherlands has been the top recipient of US foreign investments for five consecutive years. On the flipside, the Netherlands is the third largest investor in the United States.

Largest foreign investor in the Amsterdam Area

The United States is the largest foreign investor in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, with 770 companies generating some 48,000 jobs. Of the international companies active in the region, those from the US account for 30% of the total direct employment.


From 31 March to 3 April – prior to the visit of the Mayor and Vice Mayor – the Vice Governor of the Province of North Holland, Jan van Run, will lead the Baltimore delegation. The visit includes a seminar titled ‘Going global through the Netherlands’, which will highlight the potential of the Netherlands as a launch pad for American companies expanding into Europe. In addition, historian and author Russell Shorto will discuss the historic ties between the Netherlands and the United States. The delegation will also meet with Baltimore city officials. 

San Francisco – Silicon Valley

While in San Francisco, Mayor Van der Laan will meet to discuss the business advantages of establishing an office in Amsterdam with a number of fast-growing companies that are primarily active in the ICT and Life Science sectors and which operate internationally. Just like Silicon Valley, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is an increasingly important centre for ICT, ranking fifth among the world’s most attractive locations for ICT companies to set up shop.

New York

Established as ‘New Amsterdam’, unsurprisingly the historical ties between New York and ‘Old Amsterdam’ are especially strong. This trade mission coincides with a voyage by the historic ship the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, which will dock in New York, providing a breath-taking venue for seminars and events, including the grand opening of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) in NYC.


The establishment of a new world-class institute specialising in applied technology was recently announced in Amsterdam. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), TU Delft and Wageningen University will form the academic core of this institute. This will undoubtedly strengthen ties between Amsterdam and Boston in the scientific field. The City of Boston has also expressed a commitment to engaging in collaborative work with Amsterdam in the area of the ‘Living Lab’.