During the trip, the delegation visited several Chinese companies that either already do business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area or are considering setting up here.

Nurturing a strong relationship between Amsterdam and Chinese cities

The delegation visited three Chinese cities: Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing. Over the years, Amsterdam has built up strong relationships with several companies that have their roots in these cities. In Guangzhou, the delegation visited China Southern Airlines (CSA), the largest airline of China, which is already well-established in Amsterdam. CSA is one of the partners of KLM, and the parties discussed a possible extension of their current partnership. In Shenzhen, the delegation visited Huawei. Earlier this year, Huawei and the Amsterdam ArenA signed a five-year technology agreement stating that Huawei will create the Netherlands’ largest open-access wireless LAN infrastructure at the Amsterdam ArenA. On the most recent visit, plans were made to extend this wireless LAN infrastructure, further reflecting Huawei's commitment to the community in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

China Holland Business Summit

Beijing and Amsterdam have enjoyed an official friendship for decades. After the successful first edition of the China Holland Business Summit was held in Amsterdam in 2012, this time it was Beijing’s turn to host the event. It aims to connect Dutch companies with potential trade partners in China and sees Amsterdam collaborate closely with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and the Beijing Municipality. Following the successful opening of ICBC (Europe) SA Amsterdam in 2011, ICBC and the City of Amsterdam have successfully strengthened their cooperation to assist Chinese companies in their ongoing global strategies. Fifty-four Dutch companies participated in the second edition of the event. They met with leading Chinese companies such as Sinopec, Baosteel and TCL, and the summit was an overwhelming success.

Close ties between China and Amsterdam

The Netherlands is home to around 300 Chinese companies, of which approximately 30% are located within the Amsterdam Area. To professionally service Chinese companies contemplating establishing in the Amsterdam Area, amsterdam inbusiness has launched an amsterdam inbusiness website in Chinese. However, its commitment doesn't stop there: as trade missions such as this one illustrate, the presence of Chinese companies in the Amsterdam Area and their commitment to Amsterdam’s community are greatly valued, and amsterdam inbusiness strives to build and maintain excellent relationships with the international companies that do business here.