From Amsterdam to the US

The capital will be used to increase growth and popularity of the WeTransfer service in the United States. WeTransfer announced the news in a press release, commenting that “having more than doubled its revenues in the last year the company will strive to maintain its position as the most popular file-transfer service in the world. WeTransfer will use the investment to continue to innovate and develop its product and build the brand further across the US, Europe and beyond.”

Startup hub

Founded in 2009 by Bas Beerens in Amsterdam, WeTransfer is one of the many successful startups to do business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Amsterdam has been praised as a hotspot for startups numerous times. Recently, the British Financial Times described Amsterdam as “a modern-day refuge for the startup crowd,” praising the can-do mentality of the Dutch and the fact that non-Dutch speakers find it easy to work and live in the city. Amsterdam’s vibrant startup scene has attracted the attention of investors and several local startups have recently received funding. Amsterdam-based payment startup Adyen, for instance, recently secured $250 million from investors. Other examples of startups to have received funding are TravelBird and Peerby