From Amsterdam to the world

Peerby is currently available in the Netherlands, Belgium, London, Berlin and eight US pilot cities. Members can use the app to borrow goods from other members that are located near them. According to a press statement, Peerby will invest the funds to expand into 50 US cities. CEO and founder Daan Weddepohl comments: “We believe in a sharing city where you have instant access to everything in your neighbourhood. A place where we can make the best use of modern technology by fostering human connection, building communities and highly improving the efficiency of the limited and yet abundant resources that cities host. With this investment, we are going to take the next steps towards this goal.”  

Open-minded yet driven entrepreneurs

Rodolphe Menegaux from XAnge lauds the sharing economy, saying: “At XAnge, we are longstanding believers in the sharing economy and we’ve been fortunate to back very strong entrepreneurs willing to make our world a better place. Peerby is the most liquid marketplace we’ve ever met and it is led by very open-minded yet driven entrepreneurs. As we strongly believe that we’re now living in a world increasingly driven by usage rather than ownership, Peerby is a perfect match for us. We’re now very proud to help Peerby grow its model on a global scale and build strong local communities.”

Start-up hub

Peerby is one of the many successful start-ups to do business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Amsterdam has been praised as a hotspot for start-ups numerous times. In its August 2014 issue, Wired UK names Amsterdam as one of the main digital capitals in the world. Last year, Site Collection, a corporate real estate magazine, published an in-depth article about Amsterdam as a perfect location for international, innovative start-ups, noting that “one of the first capitals of global commerce is still golden after all these years.”

And according to serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran Dan Harple, Amsterdam is a hotspot for internet start-ups. In an interview with the Dutch newspaper Het Financiele Dagblad, he described the start-up scene in Amsterdam as “cutting edge” and “state of the art”. He is joined by numerous other experts in his praise for Amsterdam as the place to be for tech start-ups.