Amsterdam’s outstanding digital connectivity

For its report, Future Cities used five points of criteria to evaluate the quality of internet connections and connectivity in cities around the world. Amsterdam received outstanding scores on all counts:

  • average internet connection speed
  • availability of citywide Wi-Fi
  • openness to innovation
  • support of public data
  • security and data privacy

Home of fast internet

The latest research published by Akamai also states that the Netherlands is one of the countries with the fastest internet connections in the world. In the global list of countries with the highest average connection speeds, the Netherlands was recently ranked sixth. According to Akamai’s Fourth Quarter 2012 State of the Internet report, the average download speed in the Netherlands is 8.6 Mbps (megabits per second).

A vibrant start-up hub

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is also extremely open to innovation and is home to one of the hottest start-up scenes in Europe. Site Collection, a corporate real estate magazine, published an in-depth article about Amsterdam as a perfect location for international, innovative start-ups.