Sustainable Amsterdam

The consultancy firm’s inaugural 'Sustainable Cities Index' looked at 50 of the world’s leading cities. European cities dominate the upper rankings, with Amsterdam placed fourth. The cities were ranked by ARCADIS based on the three factors of social (People), environmental (Planet) and economic (Profit). Frankfurt topped the list, followed by London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The least sustainable cities are currently found in Africa and Asia, with Nairobi and New Delhi at the bottom of the rankings.

Green initiatives

According to the report, Amsterdam’s strength is that the city scores well in all three factors. This reflects Amsterdam’s position as a sustainable capital. Within the Netherlands, the City of Amsterdam is a frontrunner in encouraging investment in sustainable initiatives and green research and development. Not only is the area enjoying a rapid uptake of electric transportation, a growing number of companies are developing sustainable products that are influencing global business. That Amsterdam is serious about sustainability is also noticeable in other ways. Recently, Deloitte’s new corporate headquarters in Amsterdam was awarded the highest score ever recorded by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the global assessor of sustainable buildings.