Welcoming Chinese businesses in Amsterdam

The event was jointly hosted by ICBC, the China Entrepreneurs Forum and the City of Amsterdam, attracting many CEOs from large Chinese companies. Among the Chinese delegates that attended the forum were the CEOs of TCL and Taikang Life Insurance. To express how much the City of Amsterdam values its close ties with China and the Chinese corporate community, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan hosted a welcome lunch for the delegation. In his speech he stressed the importance of the win-win cooperation between the City of Amsterdam and ICBC. Following the successful opening of ICBC (Europe) S.A. Amsterdam in 2011, ICBC and the City of Amsterdam have successfully strengthened their cooperation to assist Chinese companies in their ongoing global strategies. ICBC’s Chairman Jiang delivered a keynote speech in which he discussed the potential for economic cooperation between China and Europe.

Business leaders meet governmental figures

The CEOs of several investment funds engaged in a dialogue with Dutch companies, such as Friesland Campina and APG Asset Management, covering the topics ‘opportunities for Chinese investment in Europe’ and ‘going global for Chinese companies’. Participants stressed the opportunities for European technology on the Chinese market as well as opportunities for Chinese companies going global.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte attended a gala dinner hosted by ICBC. The prime minister addressed the guests and stressed how the Netherlands is an ideal starting point for Chinese companies that want to conquer the European market stating: “Your visit to our country illustrates how ties between China and the Netherlands are becoming ever stronger. (…) The Netherlands is of course committed to being an attractive partner for even more Chinese companies.”

Close ties between China and Amsterdam

The Netherlands is home to around 300 Chinese companies, of which approximately 30% are located within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. To professionally service Chinese companies contemplating establishing in the Amsterdam Area, amsterdam inbusiness launched an amsterdam inbusiness website in Chinese.