Global investors in a global city 

The inaugural edition of Amsterdam Capital Week took place in the Dutch capital from 23 - 26 September. Startups from around the world travelled to Amsterdam to meet and pitch their ideas to more than 500 investors. This diverse group of investors ranged from large international firms willing to invest hundreds of millions, to a start-up investment firm that only launched a few weeks ago.

Amsterdam's strong points

An article about the event on TechDay News explained how it showcased Amsterdam’s strong points: an abundance of seed capital, access to international funding, and the distinction of being Europe’s crowdfunding capital. 

The Dutch capital also has a relatively lower cost of living compared to other European capitals like London or Paris. And the Dutch tax system supports foreign talent by offering tax reimbursement if the expat has expertise in an area with a shortage in the domestic labour force.

A capital of innovation

Amsterdam embraces innovation. Famous innovators such as Tesla and Uber, for example, both have their European headquarters in Amsterdam

The city's policy-makers are also keen on fostering this ecosystem. Amsterdam Capital Week, for example, is an initiative of StartupAmsterdam, an innovative public-private partnership that aims to boost Amsterdam's startup ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs with government resources. In this way, they tackle challenging societal issues such as waste management, mobility, and connectivity.