As the Financieele Dagblad explains, the Dutch company is also opening new offices in Mexico and South Africa.

Building success

Startupbootcamp coaches up-and-coming companies, showing them how to accelerate their growth. It provides a seed investment of €15,000, and guides the startups for anywhere between a few months and a few years. It also offers access to a network of experienced mentors. In return, Startupbootcamp receives an 8 percent share in the new companies. 

Startupbootcamp was founded in 2010, and is the leading business accelerator outside of the US. It currently has 12 offices in Europe and one in Singapore. Each branch guides up to ten new companies every six months. 

Amsterdam as an established startup hub 

With the highest level of connectivity in Europe, a large pool of multilingual talent, and a network of business accelerators and incubators, Amsterdam offers a solid infrastructure for startups to launch from. Some of Amsterdam’s most successful startups include Rockstart, Peerby, and The Next Web.

The City of Amsterdam actively encourages new companies, and offers them a fertile breeding ground. Amsterdam’s long history as a successful commercial hub means that the city now enjoys an established startup infrastructure. Amsterdam is also home to a talented workforce, with more than 44% of the population having attended higher education institutions. With access to a large pool of talented, well-educated, and multilingual employees, this all makes for a fast growing startup culture.