Rapid growth 

Just like the company’s customer base, the number of people working at TravelBird has grown rapidly. A year ago, TravelBird had about 100 employees. Today, the company operates out of a large office on Keizersgracht in the heart of Amsterdam, with more than 500 international employees. The Tech.eu website describes TravelBird as a European start-up to watch and has published an in-depth interview with TravelBird’s CEO Symen Jansma. TravelBird aims to use the acquired funds to finance further growth. According to a release, this is not the first capital injection TravelBird has received from Rocket Internet. With a total investment of 32.1 million euro, Rocket Internet now owns about 25 per cent of the Amsterdam-based start-up. 

A modern-day refuge for the start-up crowd

Amsterdam has often been praised as a hotspot for start-ups. Recently, the British Financial Times described Amsterdam as “a modern-day refuge for the start-up crowd,” praising the can-do mentality of the Dutch and the fact that non-Dutch speakers find it easy to work and live in the city. Amsterdam’s vibrant start-up scene has attracted the attention of investors – TravelBird is one of many promising start-ups in Amsterdam that have managed to secure a sizable amount of funding. Other recent examples include WeTransfer, Ayden and Peerby.