The Amsterdam based capital firm HenQ professes to have an unconventional attitude towards life and business. It invests in ambitious and innovative companies of Dutch origin or that have a link with the Netherlands. Candidates for investment are active in the fields of Internet, (mobile) Media, e-Commerce, Analytics, Saas and Software Development.

Seed investment

With this new fund, HenQ will support qualifier companies with a seed investment between 100.000 and 500.000 euro. If a startup proves to be successful, follow-up financing can lead up to 10 million euro. Hermand Hintzen and Coen van Duiven, founders of HenQ will manage the fund together with Floris van Alkemade from Solid Ventures.


HenQ previously invested in successful companies like Mendix and SEOshop and had exits with Wakoopa and Videostrip. Their current portfolio consists of startups like Studytube, Monolith and Housing Anywhere.

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