Leading the way to a greener future in Amsterdam

The new Tesla store is located in one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the Netherlands, the P.C. Hooftstraat. Opening a new store in Amsterdam makes sense for Tesla since the city is one of the European trendsetters in electric transportation. CT&T, a renowned Korean manufacturer of electric vehicles, also established a European headquarters in Amsterdam.

Leading the electric car revolution

Tesla’s Vice President for Business Development Diarmuid O’Connel commented in a press release: “The Netherlands is an important country within Europe for Tesla as their final assembly and distribution centre is located in Tilburg and Tesla’s European headquarters are already positioned in Amsterdam.” Furthermore Amsterdam is a market leader in the field of electric vehicles and offers an extensive network of vehicle charging points all cover the city. The number of electric vehicles in the Amsterdam Area is increasing rapidly. According to the latest forecasts, the number of electric vehicles on the streets of Amsterdam will increase by more than six-fold from 800 in 2013 to 6,000 in 2015. Therefore Amsterdam is an especially interesting and promising market for Tesla Motors.

The city supports transport innovation

In recent years the City of Amsterdam has also launched several subsidy schemes to encourage the general public and businesses to make use of electric vehicles. You can learn more about Amsterdam's electric vehicle subsidy here.