Drinks and demo night

On 13 November 2013, TechMeetups will organize a dinks and demo night at The Impact Hub in Amsterdam West to become acquainted with the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s tech scene. There will be several presentations, such as Silvija Jordanovska, who kicks off the evening by introducing ways to connect startups, investors and entrepreneurs between different communities.

Interested in joining the drinks and demo night? You can get your ticket here.  

Vibrant start-up hub

Amsterdam is home to one of the hottest startup scenes in Europe. Recently, Wired Magazine named Amsterdam as one of the most buzzworthy start-up hubs in the world, and a hotspot in Europe for tech startups.

Amsterdam: A renowned European ICT Hub

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is exceptionally well connected digitally. It is a home to fast connections and high broadband internet utilisation rates, as well as the largest data transfer hub in the world. As such, Amsterdam is a thriving base for the ICT industry and it is no surprise that the city is a very popular location for professional ICT events.