Amsterdam as optimal base for growth

In a press release, the company said the office will support its long-term strategy for growth and help meet the rising global demand for its products. “We’re committed to growing our business worldwide, and opening our international headquarters in Amsterdam is a great way for us to be closer to our European customers,” said Rick Smith, TASER founder and CEO. “This move allows us to scale our efforts and provide greater quality service to our European and other international customers.”

Leading location for headquarters

By choosing Amsterdam as the location for their European headquarters, TASER joins more than 2,500 international companies that already do business in the area. Many indicators show that the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a leading location for the establishment of European headquarters. In 2013, the region attracted 23 headquarters and 53 marketing & sales offices, collectively creating 1,392 jobs. A number of significant trends ensures that the region remains an attractive option, including internationalisation, consolidation in strongly performing regions, the availability of fast internet connections, quality of life and the availability of domestic and international talent.