Safe surfing

The Netherlands ranks sixth in the world’s safest “internet countries”, according to research by antivirus software provider Kaspersky as reported Het Parool, Dutch newspaper.  Just over 17% of all computers in the Netherlands have become infected with a virus over the second quarter of this year, a number far below the global average of 32,8%. This reflects the position of the Netherlands as a country where people can surf the internet safely.

Top speed

In addition to the low number of computers infected with malicious software, the speed of internet connections in the Netherlands is extremely fast. In the 2013 global rankings of countries with the highest average connection speeds, the Netherlands came third with an average connection speed of 12.4 mbps (megabits per second). In Akamai’s Fourth Quarter 2013 State of the Internet Report, only South Korea and Japan ranked higher, with 21.9 and 12.8 mbps respectively. 

Frontrunners in social media use

It is therefore no surprise that Dutch companies and citizens are frontrunners in the use of social media, too. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), seven out of ten Dutch citizens (aged 12 years and older) use social networks. The Netherlands also has an exceptionally high representation among the social networking sites Twitter and LinkedIn, ranking first in terms of internet penetration for these sites. Half of all the businesses with at least 10 employees in the Netherlands use social media, according to the latest CBS data.