2012 numbers: the growth of companies and jobs is maintained; more bankruptcies

This was announced in the annual results of amsterdam inbusiness (aib), the international marketing and acquisitions organisation of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Most newcomers are active in the ICT sector, creative industry and in business services. Due to the global economic crisis, a number of companies with bases in the region were forced to close.

In recent years, the region annually attracted between 100 to 120 new international companies. The Amsterdam Area is currently home to around 2,000 international companies, accounting for approximately 15% of overall employment.

Alderperson Carolien Gehrels (Economic Affairs): “These jobs and growth are crucial in difficult times. Through the global crisis, the number of bankruptcies has increased, people lose their jobs and competition with other European cities becomes even tougher. That we continue to attract new international businesses and hold onto established companies gives us confidence for the future. Over the coming years we’ll go even further.”

126 new businesses, 11 businesses expanding

114 of the 126 companies established new bases directly in the Amsterdam Area and five businesses moved to the area from within the Netherlands (Cargill, Crocs, Peugeot/Citroen, Douwe Egberts and American Medical). Seven of the new companies already have offices elsewhere in the Netherlands and have opened a new office or launched new activities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Eleven existing international companies in the region opted to expand their activities, creating 600 new jobs.


The Amsterdam Area has been a popular location for headquarters for a number of years. In 2012, 25 international companies established their headquarters in the region, accounting for 972 new jobs. This is partly due to the presence of many internationally-oriented business service providers in the region, as well as the excellent accessibility provided by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Life Sciences

The growth in the number of businesses involved with Red Life Sciences (health and medical equipment) is particularly notable. Over the past year, nine new companies from this sector have established themselves in the region, including Alvimedica (Turkey) and Bioventus (US).

United States and Asia

In 2012, the majority share of new businesses came from North America: 52 in total, with two companies from Canada and the rest from the United States. The growth in the number of businesses from Asia is slightly lower than in the previous year, as they have been affected by a contracting market for their products. This has been less of an issue for North American companies entering the European market, as they are often involved in the ICT sector or creative industry. In 2011, 37% of the companies establishing themselves in the region were from the US. In 2012, that rose to 46.5%.