Netherlands in the top-10

Canada tops this year’s list, followed by Sweden and Switzerland. The Netherlands ranks 9th place, outperforming many other European countries including Germany (11th), the United Kingdom (15th) and France (17th).

Conducted by the Reputation Institute, the Country RepTrak Study measured the reputation of 50 countries based on levels of trust, admiration and respect as well as perceptions regarding several secondary attributes (such as  whether it is deemed a safe place to visit and if the country’s government is effective).

Reputation and economic strength

Although a direct causal relationship is difficult to prove, there appears to be a strong correlation between economic strength and a sound reputation. According to the institute, the results illustrate the traits that respondents most value when assessing nations. Factors including political stability, high standards of living and absence of major income inequalities are all common characteristics of the highest ranking countries.

One of the identified trends is that countries with a sound reputation incur lower costs when operating in international financial markets. The Netherlands has traditionally been able to preserve minimal spreads with the well-known German bunds. In turn, a  financially-strong economy is key to attracting foreign investment and human talent.