‘Redefining Growth’ during Amsterdam Urban Innovation Week

The central theme of the lecture will be ‘redefining growth’ and it will play a central role during the Amsterdam Urban Innovation Week. During this event at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Paul Kemp-Robertson, the founder of Contagious Communications, will talk about how big brands seem ideally positioned to take over certain roles from traditional institutions. This theme is especially relevant for PICNIC, since the organisation is presently re-inventing itself and plans to relaunch a revised festival in 2014.

Part of their planned relaunch will be the PICNIC Business Club, which will focus on social innovation. This is set to begin in spring 2014.

Amsterdam: a renowned creative capital

The PICNIC Festival is regarded as “a high-level plenary meeting of bright and creative minds”. Since 2006, PICNIC Amsterdam has been a synonym for connecting people, industries, sectors and disciplines. Previous editions of its festival brought together approximately 3,500 professionals, representing business, technology, government, non-profit, education and the creative industries to share their stories with each other.