The company will celebrate the opening of the Amsterdam base with a Las Vegas-inspired an opening party on 11 February.

Digital expansion in the heart of Amsterdam

The opening was announced on Paymentwall’s website. Paymentwall was founded in 2010 and has grown rapidly by successfully offering game publishers, dating sites, rewards sites, SaaS companies and many other verticals the opportunity to monetise their digital content and services. Paymentwall does this by offering a variety of different payment options that can be integrated into websites, such as credit card, debit card and mobile payments.

Creative ICT hub

Many companies that are active in the online gaming industry use the solutions that Paymentwall provides to execute payments. This is one of the reasons the arrival of Paymentwall in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will surely prove to be a success. More than 50 gaming companies, such as Guerrilla Games, GREE, DeNA and Perfect World, have set up their office in Amsterdam where they enjoy an excellent digital infrastructure.

The fact that the Amsterdam Area is a major and stable global internet hub has supported the rise of a dynamic digital sector: internet service providers, mobile operators, web hosts, content and VoIP providers, and applications specialists. In 2013, the Amsterdam Area attracted 115 new international companies, collectively creating direct employment for a total of 1,727 people. The majority of these jobs were created in the creative industry and the ICT sector.