The stock of this international company can now be traded at the Amsterdam stock exchange under the ticker symbol OCI. Its first day of trading was celebrated with a short ceremony, during which the CEO of OCI, Nassef Sawiris, sounded the gong for daily trading to begin.

Financial capital

As has been the case for many other international companies in the past, the stock listing on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam will surely prove to be beneficial for OCI. For example, in 2012, D.E Master Blenders 1753, a spin-off of Sara Lee’s International Coffee & Tea business also listed on the NYSE Euronext.

Amsterdam is a major financial centre in Europe and a listing on NYSE Euronext is a logical choice for multinationals. With more than 8,000 listed issues of all sizes, industries and geographies, the NYSE Euronext's equities markets – NYSE, NYSE Amex, NYSE Euronext® and NYSE Alternext® – represent nearly 40% of the world's equities trading. This is the most liquidity of any global exchange group.

Home to the world’s first stock exchange

Amsterdam has a long and illustrious heritage as a financial innovator. It spawned the world’s first central bank, was the cradle of the world’s first joint stock company, was the site of the world’s first stock exchange and provided of one of the earliest examples of a company pension scheme. The list of firsts continues through to modern times, with the recent creation of a pan-European pension plan vehicle. Today, Amsterdam is one of the major financial centres in Europe and finance is the most important sector in the Amsterdam Area, generating approximately 20% of the region’s GDP and 15% of its jobs.