The Netherlands is a home to fast internet

The company announced the good news on its website. Netflix launched its on-demand streaming services in the Netherlands in September 2013 and has now added the Netherlands to their speed rankings. Of course, the Netherlands is internationally renowned for its fast internet. According to research published by Akamai earlier in 2013, it is one of the countries with the fastest internet connections in the world. In their global list of the highest average connection speeds, the Netherlands was ranked sixth.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index confirms these findings. Their report notes: “With a country average of 3.16 Mbps the Netherlands takes a firm lead compared to the other nations in the index. No other country crosses 3 Mbps, but runners up Sweden and Denmark come close with 2.83 Mbps and 2.8 Mbps, respectively.”

Digital Amsterdam

The fact that the average internet speed is so high is partly due to continued investment in digital infrastructure and the high density of broadband internet connections in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. According to the latest Akamai report, broadband adoption in the Netherlands is 21.61%. This percentage is much higher than many other European countries. The Amsterdam Area also boasts the best possible digital foundation thanks to the presence of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), which is the largest data transport hub in the world.