Worldwide pensions comparison

The Netherlands improved its overall score in 2013 by increasing the state pension age to 67 and with changes to its investment mix. The fifth edition of the Mercer Global Pension Index examined the retirement systems of 20 different countries, covering more than 55% of the world’s population. The index examines the adequacy of benefits, pension sustainability and the integrity of retirement systems. The Netherlands was ranked second in the index, while Denmark once again topped the list. This year, Mexico and Indonesia were included for the first time.

Amsterdam: a pension and investment hub

The Netherlands has the advantage of having a very well established retirement system with high benefit levels, a large industry-wide defined benefit scheme and, consequently, a low cost structure. Within the Netherlands and internationally, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a significant pension hub. The Dutch pension sector is substantial, with approximately 600 pension funds managing a total of €700 billion, ranking the sector first among the Euro area nations. Most of the funds operate from within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, making the region a hub of expertise for pan-European pension asset management.