Base for growth

Its new location will be on IJburg, a modern district constructed on artificial islands in the IJmeer lake. According to the company, the superb accessibility of the IJburg area within Amsterdam was not the only reason for the move. Max Bögl Nederland also has to accommodate a significant increase in personnel, thus the modernity and free space in the area is a major bonus. 


IJburg is comprised of three islands (Steigereiland, Haveneiland and Rieteilanden) in the IJmeer lake, which are connected by bridges running along its main artery: IJburglaan. IJburg is connected to the city by a main bridge and it is only a 15-minute tram ride to Central Station in the city centre. A bike/pedestrian bridge also connects the area to Diemen and Amsterdam Oost.

Max Bögl

Max Bögl Nederland is involved in realising infrastructure projects, and the preparation for these projects will takes place at the new base in Amsterdam. The company is one of the international branches of the Max Bögl Group, which is Germany‘s biggest privately owned construction company.

Amsterdam inbusiness

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