Holland International Distribution Council

The mission of the Holland International Distribution Council – known in the Netherlands as Nederland Distributieland (NDL/HIDC) – is to strengthen the Dutch logistics position in regards to competition with other nations. With the publication of its 2012 results, the logistics association recognises that there is a slight decrease in comparison to 2011 due to the global economic crisis. However, the council further observed that the second half of 2012 was strong and expects that the market will improve this year.

In a press statement (in Dutch) NDL/HIDC noted that the interest of both American and Asian companies in the European market, and particularly for the Netherlands, is expected to increase in 2013.

The Amsterdam Area’s business climate remains strong

Recently, amsterdam inbusiness also published its 2012 results. Over the past year, 126 new international companies chose to set up in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, altogether accounting for the direct creation of 1,344 new jobs. In recent years, the region has annually attracted between 100 to 120 new international companies. The Amsterdam Area is presently home to around 2,000 international companies, accounting for approximately 15% of overall employment.