Amsterdam, the denim capital

“Bringing Kingpins to Europe has been a long-time dream for us,” noted Andrew Olah, Kingpins’ founder, in a press statement. “We have found much success in the United States and Asia and see Kingpins Amsterdam as an opportunity to take our show to the next level. Amsterdam – with its mix of heritage, innovation, creativity and dedication to craftsmanship reflects the essence of the denim industry – and represents the future of denim. We are excited to support the love of denim in Amsterdam and be inspired by the energy of the city, which is quickly becoming the denim capital of Europe.”

Fashion hub and logistics gateway

Amsterdam is already a renowned fashion hub in regards to its designers and design work. And due to its strategic location, the area is also an important hub for the distribution of fashion. More than 2,600 fashion-related enterprises currently call Amsterdam their home.

In particular, the denim industry is thriving here, with the city having one of the highest densities of denim companies in the world. The G-Star denim label began its worldwide expansion here, as did Gsus and G+N. Even ‘older’ labels like Levi’s and Diesel have recognised Amsterdam’s pivotal position in denim and have chosen to relocate design studios. Tommy Hilfiger’s head office also relocated from New York to Amsterdam. Additionally, Kuyichi, the first organic jeans brand, was also established here.

Englishman Jason Denham, the co-creator of the brand Denham The Jeanmaker, added: “Amsterdam is the personification of everything jeans represent: slightly rebellious, adventurous, opinionated, never afraid to make a statement and always uniquely individual.”