Entrepreneurial Dutch

In a blog post about their launch in the Netherlands, Kickstarter state that since they have announced that people based in the Netherlands could fund projects through them, more than 1,100 people and companies have started a Kickstarter project. You can see all Kickstarter projects based in the Netherlands here. This illustrates that the Netherlands still lives up to its reputation as an entrepreneurial nation. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in particular has been praised as a hotspot for start-ups numerous times.

Start-up hub

In March 2013, Site Collection, a corporate real estate magazine, published an in-depth article about Amsterdam as a perfect location for international, innovative start-ups. Crucially, it notes that: “One of the first capitals of global commerce is still golden after all these years.” Earlier, in a report by Startup Genome, Amsterdam was identified as one of the ‘runner-up cities’ in a list of the best places in the world for start-ups. The report lists top locations that provide the best ecosystem for launching new businesses.